We are excited to announce our holiday contest for 2017.  The rules are very simple and you can win a pair of VxVII skates from Valo Brand and Vibralux Denim for FREE.

Step 1: Email a photo of your CURRENT skate setup to adam@youhatetoloveit.com

Step 2 : Describe what you did in 2017 to warrant getting skates for free, i.e. I skated every day, placed third in some contest in my home town, convinced some skateboarders to try rollerblading, organized a contest series, I'm broke AF, etc.

Step 3 : IF you have an instagram username please include it for help in the judging and to help you find the posts.

Step 4 : Participate and get your friends to participate.



We will upload all the photos received onto our story at @vibraluxdenimusa on Friday, December 15th.  The TOP THREE that get the most  amount of YES votes will get uploaded to our main instagram profile on Satuday, December 16th.  The photo that gets the most likes will receive a free pair of VxVII skates.  Judging will close Sunday, December 17th at 5pm CST.

Additionally, since social media is a cruel and fickle platform we will select as a team who is in need of skates.

Two pairs of skates are up for grabs.  Good luck!



Do I have to skate Valo skates to participate?  No you do not.

Can I send the picture through IG or Facebook?  No, please email to us and make sure it is an account you monitor so you can receive notifications.

If I don't have an IG account will this hurt my chances?  In a perfect World people would vote for the person who needs this the most, but we would be lying if we told you it probably doesn't matter.  We hope this doesn't turn into a popularity contest on social media, but we have added the team choice to give another opportunity to someone in need.

Will you use my email outside of this contest?  Yes, one of the terms of this contest is opting in to our mail chimp marketing so that we can update you on specials, video releases, etc.  You can opt out of that agreement at any time if you please, but we would hope you like discounts and updates from us.

When do the skates ship?  We will announce the winners Monday morning and the skates will ship once you supply us with your size and shipping information.