Vibralux Denim is proud to introduce its first line of domestically manufactured clothes



The USA tee- A tri-blend short sleeve tee in Oatmeal.  Available in Small- XXL for $22 domestic with additional shipping for international orders upon checkout.

The Classic- A button down shirt made of a chambray grey cotton twill.  Available in Small- XL for $65 domestic with additional shipping for international orders upon checkout. 

The Chinos- A modestly tapered pant constructed of high quality 98% cotton, 2% lycra black fabric.  Available in 28, 30, 32, 34, and 36.  Please consult size matrix for fitting.  $75 domestic with additional shipping for international orders upon checkout. 

Current Inventory- All current inventory has been reduced to get rid of overstock.  Jeans starting at $35 shipped, hats for $18 shipped.  Current inventory ships same day as purchase.


Additional Info about the project

The products-  Our handcrafted dress shirt, chinos, and t-shirt are made entirely in the USA with quality materials from regional suppliers and attention to detail from our partners.  Everything is then shipped to us for a secondary quality check, packaging, and fulfillment.  From our hands to yours.

A fantastic value- By selling direct to our supporters we are able to eliminate overstock and additional costs of shipping/ importing/ middlemen and pass the savings on to the customer.  By shortening the supply chain and the hands the garments pass through we can offer high quality apparel at competitive prices.

Good for business-  Our ability to work with domestic manufacturers and receive lower minimums means more fresh product releases from Vibralux Denim more consistently.  No longer will we be sitting on hundreds of jeans for a year or bogging down vendors with dated inventory. 

Quality-  Gone are the days of praying for overseas manufacturing to go smoothly.  We’ve always used reputable factories overseas, but there is a certain piece of mind that comes with overseeing the stages of production. 

Customer relations-  Working directly with our supporters enables us to strengthen the relationship between the buyers and the makers.  With your help and feedback we can bring superior products to market that we are proud to produce and you’re proud to wear.

Innovations-  We work with partners and designers who understand what kind of abuse we put on our clothing.  The devil is in the details and we are focused not only on materials and craftsmanship, but form and function as well.


The time has come to hold ourselves to a higher standard and accountability.  The community deserves quality garments.  You work hard for your money and should get the most for it.  We need your help though.  By supporting our push to create apparel made in the USA you can help us to get past the initial costs of production and take the guessing work out of our purchase order.  The ability to only produce the items ordered is a major factor in getting a high quality product to our supporters at a reasonable price.  Scroll down for FAQS.


USA Tee, Photo- Haynes

USA Tee, Photo- Haynes

The Classsic, Photo- Haynes

The Classsic, Photo- Haynes

The Chinos, Photo- Haynes

The Chinos, Photo- Haynes


-Why not use Kickstarter or Indiegogo?  We chose not to use either of those services because there is a fee associated.  By eliminating the fee we can pass on additional savings on garments that are already costly having been made in America.

-What happens if you don't reach the minimums for a specific garment?  Paypal has a 60 day refund policy.  We will refund portions or all of the order with no fee to you if we do not reach the minimum.  Additionally Paypal makes it easy to dispute charges on unshipped orders which acts as an additional assurance for your worries.

-Why are we having to pre-purchase the garments?  While our minimum order quantities (MOQs) are lower than they are in HK our cost per garment has doubled.  Additionally we are still holding 50% of stock from our last line of jeans.  Rather than wait to move all the old stock we are blowing it out and offering new garments to our loyal supporters.

-What is the target ship date?  We are looking to receive the good 60 days after fulfillment of our MOQ.  This puts the ship date to us at June 1st and we hope to have the garments pass their secondary quality test and ship within a week.

-Will there be updates as progress occurs? Yes, with every prebook there will be an email associated and this email will receive frequent updates about product availability, manufacturing, etc.

-What if the garment doesn't fit?  Please consult the sizing matrix BEFORE ordering.  IF the garment doesn't fit there will be a limited amount of overstock for returns.  You will need to pay the return postage and the postage for the exchange.

-I only want the current line of jeans, when will those ship?  The stock we have ships immediately.