Vibralux Denim and Valo Brand are proud to present the VXVII.

Established in 2003 Vibralux Denim and Valo Brand are two of the most established skater owned companies. 

This is a limited edition, exclusive partnership between Vibralux Denim and Valo and is only available through this site. Each prebook will have an exclusive gift ship to supporters on September 25th as a reward for being an early adopter. Proceeds from sales go directly to our team, development of new products, and to ensure that our passion for skating can continue.


The VXVII is a classic V13 PU shell and cuff with an Italian crafted, hand made, leather and denim cover featuring the classic 2 piece soul plate, gold eyelet, and black memory buckle.


FAQ - Are skates shipping from the US only?  No, a limited amount will remain in Italy to ship to customers in the EU so that you won't have to pay import fees.

When will the skates ship to customers?  While we can't make any promises because we aren't in charge of production directly, our timeline has these skates set to ship between the 5th and 10th of November.  You will be contacted if there are any delays.

What is the reward for the early adopters?  This is a secret and will be revealed once the packaging comes.

How many of the prebooks will receive free shipping?  The first 100 supporters receive free shipping.

How many of the prebooks will receive the reward?  The first 200 supporters will receive the reward.

I messaged you on a social media platform and haven't heard back, what's the deal?  Due to filters, spam, etc. we do our best to manage direct messages, but the easiest line of communication is ALWAYS email.

More questions?  Email -